Eric Carrazedo de Andrade

Born, lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.


Graduated in Advertising and Marketing at ESPM-SP in 2009, Carrazedo (as he is best know for) has always been interested in drawing and arts in general, having his first contact with painting in the small town of Águas de São Pedro (São Paulo countryside), where he spent a significant part of his childhood, and then in Piracicaba, where he spent his adolescence.


Currently residing in São Paulo, he participated in the group exhibition “DEZ.EM.BRO Coletivo” at the Thomas Baccaro Art Gallery at the end of 2019.


In August 2020 he participated in the charity auction of the NGO Artesol (founded by anthropologist and former Brazilian first lady Ruth Cardoso) alongside some of the greatest Brazilian artists, such as Carlito Carvalhosa, Tonico Lemos Auad and Claudio Edinger. His work “Banana #2” was sold and helped the project to support Brazilian craftsmanship.


Lately, Carrazedo has received great international attention at SaatchiArt, the largest and most important virtual art gallery in the world: his works were chosen by the chief curator, Rebecca Wilson, to integrate collections such as “Earth Day 2020” and “Art of your Dreams 2021”.


Two of his works were also selected as a highlight among Brazilian artists and, in January 2021, he was chosen “Artist of the day”, with a dedicated post for more than 1 million followers on SaatchiArt's Instagram.


Also in 2021, he was chosen by SaatchiArt to compose the video “Artists in their own words”, in addition to having his works selected for the printed catalog that is sent to approximately 100,000 households in the US.


In October of the same year, Carrazedo was selected as the guest artist to elaborate the now traditional art of the letter “Q” for the 24th edition of the “aQuadra” newspaper, which is distributed in the most upscale regions of the city of São Paulo.


As of 2022, he was chosen once again to be part of the “New this Week” collection by SaatchiArt, with the painting “Freedom Through Imagination #3”.

Carrazedo is also featured in the media and social networks in channels such as Arteez and Revista DASartes, two important vehicles of national art. His paintings are in collections in the United States and Europe.